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Getting Started with SketchUp

Chapter 1  Meeting Google SketchUp

Chapter 2  Establishing the Modeling Mindset

Chapter 3  Getting Off to a Running Start

Modeling in SketchUp

Chapter 4  Building Buildings

Chapter 5  Falling in Love with Components

Chapter 6  Going Beyond Buildings

Chapter 7  Keeping Your Model Organized

Chapter 8  Modeling with Photographs

Viewing Your Model in Different Ways

Chapter 9  Working with Styles and Shadows

Chapter 10  Presenting Your Model Inside SketchUp

Sharing What You've Made

Chapter 11  Working with Google Earth and the 3D Warehouse

Chapter 12  Printing Your Work

Chapter 13  Exporting Images and Animations

Chapter 14  Creating Presentation Documents with LayOut

Chapter 15  Diving Deeper into LayOut

The Part of Tens

Chapter 16  Ten SketchUp Traps and Their Workarounds

Chapter 17  Ten Plug-ins, Extensions and Resources Worth Getting

Chapter 18  Ten Ways to Discover Even More

Bonus Chapters

Bonus Chapter 1  Exporting to CAD, Illustration, and Other Modeling Software

Bonus Chapter 2  Building Your Own Dynamic Components

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